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Oregon’s Leading
Drywall Contractors

Oregon’s Leading
Drywall Contractors

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Doing Your Drywall Right

Aries Drywall is proud to serve commercial and residential customers across Oregon.
Drywall installers, Aries Drywall LLC, offers a wide range of services for commercial and residential projects.

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About founder Martín Lepe

Martín Lepe founded Aries Drywall LLC in 1996 in California before moving the business to Oregon in 2001. With over 24 years of experience in construction, Martín is a true craftsman and understands the importance of his work and every detail about the drywall installation process. His passion and desire to provide customers with the best service and experience inspires Martin and his team to deliver excellent outcomes on every project.

Quality Services

Aries Drywall Interior unfinished


We perform every aspect of the drywall installation process, including all measurements, preparations, final finishing, and metal framing.

Questions about drywall, sheetrock or plaster?

Aries Drywall Repair


We handle any repairs or changes you may need, and ensure that the finished product is complete, allocating the necessary space for windows, doors, and other wall fixtures.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Aries Drywall ranks in the top 22% among 62,000+ Oregon contractors, according to BuildZoom.

Customer Commitment

  • We work with customers to ensure that every project started is completed in a timely manner, and that our customers are satisfied with the final outcome.

  • We keep open and direct communication throughout the entire process, making sure to involve our customers if any challenges or changes arise.

  • Our projects are completed to perfection, and you can expect the best quality and service.

Covid-19 Update: We have adopted Covid-19 precautions in an effort to prioritize the health and safety of our employees and customers. The needs of our customers come first, and we will take any precautions necessary – such as physical distancing and wearing masks – to ensure customers are comfortable with the process.